Incorporation Of A Private Limited Company

For attending to all the formalities from name approval to incorporation and supplying the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (Laminated)
  • 10 Copies of Article of Association.
  • 01 Emboss Seal (Stainless Steel).
  • 01 Pre Ink Stamp.
  • 01 Copy of Form 01 Certified by RC.
  • Obtaining of Tax Identification Number


  • Gazette Notification.
  • 03 Paper Advertisements’ for Sinhala, English and Tamil News Papers.
    (On Daily News, Dinamina & Virakesari)
  • And Act as Corporate Secretaries for 15 Months from Date of Incorporation

Assisting to Open the Bank Accounts in Sri Lanka (ON REQUEST)

Incorporation Of A Public Limited Company / Association

Incorporation of Public Limited Company and Company Limited by Guarantee or Association (up to 2 Directors)

Rs. 150,000/-
(Each Additional Director) – Rs. 8,000/-

A Public Limited Company is a type of business that sells shares to the public, allowing anyone to become a shareholder. It can be listed on the stock exchange, and its shares are traded publicly and have more strict regulations and are required to disclose financial information to the public.

A company limited by guarantee (CLG) is a type of company that has no share capital. Instead, the members of the company agree to contribute a certain amount of money to the company in the event of its liquidation. This amount is known as the “guarantee”. CLGs are often used by non-profit organizations, such as charities and social enterprises, because the limited liability structure of a CLG protects the members from personal financial liability for the debts of the company.

Incorporation Of A Overseas Company

Registration of Overseas Company (up to 2 Directors)

  • Liaisons Office
  • Branch Office (USD 200,000 Deposit)

USD 2,000/-