Vision, Mission and Values

Our Value

The value we provide to ASAC customers & our stakeholders

The essence of our organization lies in the values that drive us. We are not just a company; we are a manifestation of our deeply held principles. Our values are not just words on paper; they are the guiding force that propels us towards our goals. These principles are not confined to our workplace; they are ingrained in our lives.

Our purpose defines our place in this world and articulates the value we bring to our clients and stakeholders. More than mere guiding principles, our values serve as our ethical and moral compass. They dictate our behavior, shaping the way we interact with each other and our clients. Together, these values constitute the bedrock upon which all our decisions are anchored.

At ASAC, our values extend beyond rhetoric; they permeate every facet of our business. They are the driving force behind our relationships with clients and partners, and they govern our day-to-day interactions. To instill these values within our organization, every member of the ASAC Team is committed to conducting business in harmony with our core beliefs. We are united by a common mission—to be recognized as a leading Company Secretary and live business facilitator worldwide, fueled by our unwavering commitment to our three core values

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  • ASAC Company registration and Company Secretary Sri Lanka
    We act with integrity and honesty at all times by holding ourselves & each other to be ethical to the regulators and clients.
  • ASAC Company registration and Company Secretary Sri Lanka
    Innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth & win in dynamic business environments
  • ASAC Company registration and Company Secretary Sri Lanka
    We deliver results, excelling at work that positively impacts the world.
ASAC Company registration and Company Secretary Sri Lanka
Our Vision

Empowered by technology

our vision is to redefine and elevate the way we work, making it truly amazing. Since our inception in 2011, we have been driven by the mission to provide flexible corporate secretarial services that seamlessly integrate into people’s daily lives. Our foundation is rooted in the intersection of digitalization and the growing need for innovative financial services. We aspire to continue pioneering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of our clients, leveraging technology to make every aspect of our job truly remarkable.

ASAC Company registration and Company Secretary Sri Lanka
Our Mission

Provide the best ASAC solutions in the market

Our mission is to cultivate the trust and confidence of our clients by embodying crystal clear communication, providing reasonable and objective guidance, and demonstrating a genuine and palpable concern for their long-term and comprehensive financial growth. We are dedicated to fostering relationships built on transparency, integrity, and a commitment to supporting our clients’ financial well-being throughout their journey.

"In the realm of entrepreneurship, we believe in our clients' courage to embark on their journey. We appreciate their decision to dive into the world of possibilities. Through our unwavering commitment to providing perfect regulatory services, we empower them to turn their dreams into tangible achievements."
Isura S. Principal Company Secretary