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Our values hold us accountable to be the best, to act with integrity.

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    Being brave
    Innovation propels change, and our commitment to constantly exploring new ideas and embracing challenges sets us apart from the rest
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    Being human
    Our approach is driven by what makes us all human, and it has built a creative environment where people can thrive.
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    Being different
    By tapping into all of our unique journeys, we can deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference.
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Efficient Company Registration and Corporate Secretary Services in Sri Lanka

we specialize in seamless company registration services for businesses in Sri Lanka. Our personalized approach ensures that you can establish your company with ease, whether you’re a local entrepreneur or part of our global clientele.

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    Discover a revolutionary way to manage your company’s secretarial needs with “The Boardroom” by ASAC

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    Company Registration in Sri Lanka!

    We’ve streamlined the process into four simple steps to make it hassle-free for you.

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    Awards and Recognition


    #image_title Ananda Sirisena & Company (Pvt) Ltd has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its outstanding contributions to the corporate secretarial sector in Sri Lanka. This prestigious accolade...