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Internationally acclaimed Chartered Corporate Secretary Isura Sirisena recently launched Sri Lanka’s first-ever online portal for free corporate secretarial advice. The website is targeted not only at company secretaries but also at the business community and young entrepreneurs who want to launch their new enterprises but struggle with the cumbersome paperwork that company registration entails.

The website will provide answers to all questions and queries related to corporate secretarial, corporate governance and company law online at no cost. Accessible from anywhere in the world and mobile friendly the platform is a knowledge hub for the corporate world.

Isura Sirisena, a Registered Company Secretary and Qualified Member of the Chartered Corporate Secretaries of Sri Lanka speaking on the launch of the web portal noted, “During our years of working with company registration, company secretarial work and company law in Sri Lanka, we have noticed that many organizations struggle with questions with regards to laws and policies. This portal will serve as a knowledge hub for companies, bankers, finance professional, HR and legal teams and even students who wish to learn and understand the industry. We also look forward to constantly updating and upgrading the site with policy changes etc. periodically.”

With 10 years practicing experience as a company secretary, Isura first started off working at Ananda Sirisena & Co under the guidance of his father the late Ananda Sirisena. He later took over the seat of Managing Director after the demise of his father. Since then the company has expanded its horizons not only locally but also internationally. Isura was also the Founder of THE BOARDROOM (PVT) LTD and the Australian ventures operating under the trading names CLICK 2 INCORPORATE and WE DO TAX.

Isura is also a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Northwood University, USA and a Bachelor of Law from University of Wolverhampton. He is also a Member of the Association of Business Executives UK and a Registered ASIC Agent (Australia).

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Posted on September 6, 2017

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Isura Sirisena