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Embarking on the journey to register your company in Sri Lanka has never been more convenient and futuristic! Thanks to the innovative eROC platform, you can now complete the entire process online, sparing yourself the hassle of physical visits to the Registrar Office. Let’s dive into the creative and simplified steps that guarantee you a smooth sail through the registration process.

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1. Online Profile Creation: Kickstart your journey by creating a dazzling online profile. It’s as easy as a few clicks – just toss in your name, national identity card number or passport number (for our global friends), mobile number, and email. Your digital gateway to company registration is now open!

2. Name Approval Magic: Want the perfect name for your company? Fear not! Apply for your desired name through the eROC dashboard. Within 2-5 business days, your inbox will sparkle with an email notification, proudly announcing the approval of your chosen name. It’s like naming your company with a sprinkle of digital fairy dust!

3. Application Forms Made Easy: Login to the eROC dashboard, where simplicity meets efficiency. Fill in your company’s details – address, contact information, and the vital specifics about directors, company secretaries, and shareholders. Oh, and make sure each person has their own mobile number and email address. It’s a digital party, after all!

4. Download, Sign, Voila!: Download the relevant forms in PDF format – a piece of cake! The only ingredient missing is your signature. Print, sign, scan, and let the forms dance into the digital realm.

5. Submission Extravaganza: Uploading time! Submit those glorious scanned documents in PDF format through the eROC dashboard. Your papers are ready to make their grand entrance into the digital spotlight.

6. Articles of Association Drama: Get creative! Draft your own articles of association, add that personal touch with your signature, and, you guessed it, upload them. Your company, your rules – literally!

7. Fee Fiesta: Almost there! Once all documents are uploaded, submit the forms. The eROC dashboard will gracefully calculate your incorporation costs. Just whip out your trusty debit or credit card and make the payment. Ta-da! You’re officially on the digital map.

Bonus Tip: PDF Love Affair: Keep in mind that the Registrar General of Companies is now head over heels for PDFs. Embrace the digital era by submitting all documents in PDF format via the eROC dashboard.

Get ready to witness the magic of eROC, where traditional paperwork meets digital wizardry! Say goodbye to the paperwork maze and hello to a new era of company registration and company secretary services in Sri Lanka. Your digital adventure starts now!

In conclusion, ASAC offers a seamless online company registration platform that allows you to conveniently submit your details for our thorough review, all from the comfort of your home. For any inquiries or assistance regarding company registration and company secretary services in Sri Lanka, don’t hesitate to connect with our dedicated team. Reach out through our website, WhatsApp, or give us a call at +94112684309.

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