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Honored to be part of the vibrant gathering at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, where the LCMA celebrated its 30th Annual General Meeting. His Excellency President Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, inspiring us all with his vision for Sri Lanka in the global confectionery industry.

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President Wickramasinghe passionately emphasized the untapped potential for Sri Lanka to shine on the international confectionery stage. In his address, he urged our talented confectioners to explore new horizons and venture into international markets, echoing the success achieved with Sri Lankan teas and cinnamon worldwide.

With a twinkle in his eye, President Wickramasinghe playfully posed the question, “How long before I can take chocolates and go?” This lighthearted remark highlighted the immense potential for our confectioners to make a mark globally, especially in the export market for chocolates.

Mr. Samitha Perera express gratitude for President Wickremesinghe’s significant contributions to the economic recovery of Sri Lanka. Mr. Perera praised the President’s presence as a source of courage and strength, aligning the confectionery industry’s goals with the nation’s progress.

Despite challenges in the macroeconomic environment, Mr. Perera affirmed our organization’s solidarity with the President’s efforts. He emphasized the crucial role of increasing the country’s dollar income for sustaining current benefits, showcasing our commitment to the economic well-being of Sri Lanka.

ASAC | Company Secretary – Sri Lanka takes pride in serving as the Corporate Secretaries for LCMA for the last 16 years under various Exco members. This long-standing partnership reflects our dedication to the success and growth of the confectionery industry.

Let’s continue to sweeten the world with the richness of Sri Lankan confectionery! Together, we can turn President Wickramasinghe’s vision into a sweet reality. ???????? 


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