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In the dynamic landscape of business, understanding the intricacies of a company is vital for making informed decisions. Whether you are a potential investor, business partner, or simply a curious individual, delving into the details of a company’s registration can provide valuable insights. ASAC, a Registered Company Secretary based in Sri Lanka, offers a comprehensive service of file search for companies registered at the Registrar General of Companies. Let’s explore what information ASAC can unearth for you.

What ASAC Offers:

  1. Legal Name of the Company: ASAC can retrieve and provide the legal name of the company, ensuring accuracy in identifying the entity.
  2. Company Registration Number: The unique registration number assigned to each company is a key identifier, and ASAC ensures that this crucial information is readily available.
  3. Registered Address: Understanding the location of a company’s registered address is essential for various purposes, and ASAC includes this in the information provided.
  4. Details of Current Directors: ASAC goes beyond the basics, offering details of the current directors, including their names, addresses, and identification document numbers. This information is valuable for understanding the leadership structure of the company.
  5. Details of Current Shareholders: Knowing the shareholders of a company is crucial for assessing its ownership structure. ASAC provides the names and addresses of the current shareholders, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the company’s stakeholders.
  6. Charges Created to the Company: ASAC digs into the details of any charges created against the company. This information sheds light on the financial obligations and liabilities of the company.

Important Note on Financial Information:

While ASAC excels in providing detailed registration information, it’s important to note that, unlike in some other countries, financial information for Private Limited companies in Sri Lanka is not yet publicly available. ASAC acknowledges this limitation, and while they cannot provide financial details in most cases, they ensure that essential registration details are accessible to the public.

How to Access ASAC’s Services:

To initiate a file search for a company in Sri Lanka, interested parties can reach out to ASAC through out contact details or conveniently fill out an online request form on the website. ASAC’s efficient and reliable services make the process of obtaining crucial company information straightforward and accessible.


ASAC’s commitment to transparency and accessibility in corporate information retrieval makes them a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand and engage with companies in Sri Lanka. By providing a range of essential details, ASAC empowers individuals and entities to make well-informed decisions in the complex world of business.

For those eager to explore the intricacies of a Sri Lankan company, ASAC stands ready to unveil the information you seek, ensuring a thorough understanding of the corporate landscape.

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