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What exactly is a certified copy?

It’s essentially a validated version of the form you’ve submitted to the Registrar General of Companies (ROC), attested by the ROC itself, affirming that it is an accurate replica of your submission and has been duly approved. Various entities such as banks, financial institutions, government bodies, and other stakeholders often require certified copies of company documents to authenticate the validity of the records you’re presenting.

Old and New Certified Copy for the company, company secretary sri lanka
Old and New Certified Copy

This certification is often sought by various entities such as banks, financial institutions, government bodies, and other stakeholders. They typically require ROC-certified copies to validate the authenticity of the documents you present.

In the past, obtaining a certified copy meant receiving a photocopy of the document stamped with an official mark at the back and bearing the registrar’s signature. However, this was contingent upon your company documents being up to date. Failure to meet this requirement would prompt the registrar to direct you to update your file accordingly.

Enter the eROC digital platform, the latest advancement in this process. Now, certified copies come with a QR code that allows anyone to scan and verify the document’s authenticity by accessing the ROC database.

So, how can you apply for a certified copy? It’s a relatively straightforward process accessible through the ROC website, where you’ll need to choose the necessary forms and pay the applicable fees. However, navigating the application might be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the specific form names or date of submission. In such cases, seeking professional assistance or conducting a thorough search of your company’s file beforehand can simplify the process significantly.

Worried about the status of your file? With recent developments, the timeliness of your documents is no longer a barrier. You can proceed with your certified copy application regardless of whether your file is up to date or not.

Even if you’re not directly affiliated with the company, you can still obtain a certified copy by providing the company name or number.

However, it’s important to note that the Business Registration Certificate (Form 2a, Form 41) is not available as a certified copy since it’s not considered a public document.

At ASAC, we specialize in helping stakeholders obtain certified copies of documents from the ROC database. Additionally, we can assist you in determining which documents are relevant to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for further information and assistance. Your company’s compliance and documentation processes are in good hands with ASAC.

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