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In a strategic move, Remitbee, a dynamic company based in Canada, has recently concluded its business registration process in Sri Lanka, solidifying its presence as a key development center. With headquarters situated in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Remitbee specializes in various financial services, including Fintech, Money Transfer, Remittances, Mobile Money, Online Currency Exchange, FX, Currency, and Customer Care. The company is on a mission to create a world with financial empowerment, offering Canadians a reliable platform for sending and exchanging money. 

Why Sri Lanka? 

Remitbee’s decision to establish a foothold in Sri Lanka goes beyond geographic expansion; it aims to tap into the rich pool of talent the country has to offer. The primary focus is to leverage Sri Lankan expertise for essential technical functions, contributing to the company’s overall efficiency and growth. 

Key Services: 

  1. Money Transfer and Remittances: Remitbee provides a seamless platform for individuals to send money quickly and securely, helping users save millions through competitive exchange rates. 
  2. Online Currency Exchange and FX: With Remitbee, users can conveniently engage in online currency exchange, navigating the complexities of foreign exchange with ease. 
  3. Customer Care: The company places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering top-notch customer care services to address inquiries and ensure a smooth user experience. 

Strategic Partnership with ASAC: 

To navigate the intricacies of foreign business registration, Remitbee has partnered with Ananda Sirisena & Co (ASAC), a distinguished firm specializing in corporate secretarial services. ASAC, a registered corporate secretary, brings extensive experience and knowledge in facilitating the company incorporation process for foreign nationals. As Remitbee’s trusted partner, ASAC plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with local regulations and fostering a seamless operational transition in the Sri Lankan market. 


Remitbee’s expansion into Sri Lanka marks a significant milestone in its global journey. By establishing a development center in Sri Lanka, the company not only strengthens its operational capabilities but also demonstrates a commitment to harnessing the diverse talents of the region. As Remitbee continues to empower individuals through its financial services, its collaboration with ASAC reinforces the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating international business landscapes. 

For further information or inquiries, please visit Remitbee’s Official Website or contact ASAC for corporate secretarial services. 

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