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In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency and accessibility are key, especially when it comes to essential documents and company registration. Ananda Sirisena & Co introduces The Boardroom©, a Business Process Re-engineering platform designed to connect you seamlessly with your company secretary. This revolutionary mobile app not only simplifies data management but also transforms the way you handle critical documents, making company registration in Sri Lanka a breeze.

The Boardroom: Bridging the Gap Virtually

The Boardroom© acts as a virtual bridge between you and your company secretary, eliminating the need for endless emails and file searches. Originally launched to streamline the storage and access of corporate data, the app has evolved to meet the instant resolution needs of businesses, whether it’s during the day, on the weekend, or in the middle of the night.

Key Features of The Boardroom Document Generator

The Document Generator on The Boardroom app is a game-changer for single directors and small to medium-sized companies. Here are some of the key documents it currently provides:

  • Resolutions to Open Bank Accounts
  • Resolution to Change the Operating Instructions of Bank Accounts
  • Director Resignation Letter
  • Resolution to Appoint a New Director
  • Resolution to Change the Address
  • Resolution to Appoint an Auditor

Simple, Swift, and Self-Sufficient

With just a few swipes on the app, users can input details into the Document Generator, instantly generating the required document. No more waiting or relying on external parties – this is empowerment at your fingertips. Print, sign, and send it to your company secretary for certification. It’s that simple.

Seamless Connectivity with The Boardroom

The Boardroom goes beyond document generation. It provides direct access to your company secretary or fellow director via WhatsApp with a single click. Additionally, the platform facilitates any other requests to the company secretary through a convenient Client Request form.

Expert Guidance from Ananda Sirisena & Co

The Boardroom is brought to you by Ananda Sirisena & Co (ASAC), a registered company secretary with expertise in Company Registration and Company Secretarial Practices in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Australia. Whether you’re a startup, a seasoned business, or a foreign investor looking to expand into the Sri Lankan market, ASAC’s team of professionals equipped with the latest technology is ready to assist you with company registration and secretarial services.

Company Registration Made Easy

Wondering about the ease of registering a company in Sri Lanka? The Boardroom©, in conjunction with ASAC, makes the process remarkably simple. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or a foreign investor, The Boardroom ensures a user-friendly experience for everyone.

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