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The Importance of Accurate Document Submission for Company Registration

Receiving an email requesting the resubmission of your Form 20 application for [Company name] (PRIVATE) LIMITED [Company Number] can be frustrating. You’re not alone in this experience; many encounter similar setbacks when dealing with the Regulator. However, there’s no need to panic. This email simply indicates that there was an error in the document you submitted, and the registrar staff are asking for a corrected version to proceed with your approval process.

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To help you avoid such issues in the future, it’s essential to understand the common reasons for resubmission requests. These typically fall into four categories:

  • Errors in the Document
  • Discrepancies with Previous Records
  • Compliance Issues
  • Need for Additional Details

Errors in the Document

One common issue is errors within the document itself. Poorly scanned pages or files that cannot be opened by the registrar’s staff often cause problems. Make sure all scanned documents are clear, properly ordered, and free from marks such as staples. The Registrar General of Companies expects high-quality, well-organized submissions since they use these documents to generate certified copies.

Discrepancies with Previous Records

Another frequent cause for resubmission is discrepancies between your submission and the registrar’s existing records. Consistency is key—everything about your company can change except the company number. Each change requires specific forms, such as:

  • Change of Name – Form 3
  • Change of Address – Form 13
  • Change of Directors/Secretaries – Form 20
  • Change of Articles – Form 39

Ensure that forms are filled out according to guidelines. For instance, Form 13 must have an effective date that is five working days after the lodgement date, excluding public holidays. Director names, NIC numbers, email addresses, and other details must match previous records exactly. Accompany each document with supportive documents such as resolutions and meeting minutes.

Compliance Issues

Documents may also be rejected if they do not comply with the requirements of the Companies Act or your company’s articles of association. For example, sections of the act and articles applicable to changes like the removal of directors or amendments to the articles must be strictly followed. Understanding these requirements is critical to ensuring your documents are accepted.

Need for Additional Details

Sometimes, the registrar may require additional evidence for certain changes. For instance, appointing a new director now requires submitting copies of their National Identity Card. Other scenarios might require meeting minutes or attendance records.

Understanding these common issues can help you navigate the document submission process more smoothly. For the best results, seek professional advice before resubmitting your documents. Your company secretary is an invaluable resource, equipped with the knowledge needed to guide you through these processes accurately. Should you need further assistance, we are here to help. Feel free to get in touch for more detailed guidance.

FAQ: Document Resubmission for Company Registration

Why did I receive an email requesting the resubmission of my Form 20 application?

You received this email because the document you submitted contains errors that were identified by the Registrar General of Companies. The registrar staff are asking for a corrected version to continue the approval process.

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